28th September, Thursday


Sussex Business Show

We open our doors to the public and will showcase a brand new B2B event for Sussex businesses as we enter the Brighton Dome.


Keynote Speakers

The event will showcase talks with Sussex entrepreneurs: Flo Powell, James Dempster, Claire Griffiths and Gavin Willis.


Casino Opens....

We've partnered up with one of the leading Casino companies in Sussex to bring Poker and Roulette to the Grand Draw event.


28th September, Thursday


Grab Lunch and Network

Join us in the lunch zone of the event, get networking, meet new business contacts and enjoy a delightful lunch offering.


Lunchtime Masterclasses

Capture your imagination with a Mental Health Talk, Wellbeing That Works, Sales Without Selling and Marketing for Impact.


The Tiger's Pen

5 start-ups looking for investment will pitch live to tigers in the pen who will guide, advise and potentially invest at SBS23.


28th September, Thursday


The Grand Draw Winners

At 2:00pm we will announce the winners of the GRAND DRAW for the Casino Roulette. Let the Games Commence. Good Luck!


Afternoon Masterclasses

Talks for this afternoon will be on Failure is an option, Understand others Better, Beyond Net Zero and Video Storyboarding.


Customer Service Award

Exhibitors will have all been means tested on their customer service before the show, and now is the time to see who's won?

Event Highlight



Sept 28th, Thursday 2023

Talks on Mental health, sales without selling, wellbeing and marketing
Yaron Engler

Mental Health Matters!

Yaron Engler
On Being Men
"WHO ARE YOU? What are you values? What are you strengths? What do you stand up for? Knowing yourself is the key for real long lasting success in leadership."

Camille Pierson

Wellbeing That Works!!

Camille Pierson
The Float Spa
"The majority of our waking lives is spent at work. Your company isn’t the product you make or even your customers. Your company is your people. Learn how to make your company stronger when you make wellness a priority."

Ben Bennett

Sales Without Selling

Ben Bennett
Second Voice
"The way clients buy products and services has changed forever. The way they think, the way they research, the way they compare. Learn how to win clients without selling to them."

Alice Reeves

Marketing for Impact

Alice Reeves
haha Creative.
"To grow your business, it’s not enough to be good at what you do: you need to think about your IMPACT. Let's explore how even small brands can make a BIG impact and share successful purpose-driven marketing."


28th Sept, Thursday, 2023
If you have an interest in joining experts and business leaders of marketing across Sussex then please register on the website.
Jeremy Jacobs

Failure is an option

Speaker: Jeremy Jacobs
Company: Cookie Jar Consultancy

“Jeremy will show how we must not fear failure and see how, if it had to happen, it can become a positive and empowering experience through the closure of a business."

Understand Others Better

Speaker: Roksana Anning
Company: Apex Mindset

“Is it frustrating when people don’t do things your way? Slow to act or make snap decisions, too direct, or too chatty? Everyone’s different, but predictably different. What if I told you, you can understand people better in minutes?."

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Beyond Net Zero

Speaker: Michael Kennard
Company: Compost Club

“Listen to this powerful social entrepreneur diverting food waste, regenerating soil and educating on its importance to life on our planet..."

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Business Storytelling

Speaker: Roxy Van Der Post
Company: Myosotis Film & Photography

What does it means to "own your story"? Bringing the power of storytelling into your business can change how you talk to yourself, your collaborators, and clients, and how you show up as a leader in your community.